Wildlife trade: you shoulden’t buy wild animals

Hi Tartagenius, let’s talk today about wildlife trade why it is aceptable to buy exotic species of animals but only if not forced into captivity.

Luckily nowadays, with great professionalism, the majority of species are bred in farms that fully respect the characteristics of biodiversity, supported by continued studies on animals survival and their natural environment.

Not to mention parasites and zoonoses (type of infectious disease that could jump from a non-human animal, from mammal animals,  to humans).

Exotic animals taken from the wild and sold on as pets is common practice: take for instance the Tribolonotos Gracilis, the Mata Mata Turtle, the parrots, the barrier reef fish.

One important reason for this practice is the low cost: catching wild animals is greatly cheaper and less onerous than breeding them.

Nonetheless nowadays the majority of species are bred in farms that respect the characteristics of biodiversity minimising the impact of the change of their natural environment.

However, for some species indoor reproduction is practically impossible and their availability in pet shops is only through captivity and in general their real origin is often unknown.

Please be careful, don’t buy animals whose origin cannot be certified. An individual certificate of origin of the animal is the best way to avoid sanitary and health problems thus certainly saving money and fighting the improper commerce of wild animals. Wild animals develop immunity defences with specific antibodies in response to their own environment and could therefore carry bacteria or viruses: if in your aquarium you put a wild fish, in a couple of weeks all your locally born fish will die, the same thing would happen for reptiles, parrots and exotic mammals.

Wildlife trade vs born captivity animals

Last but not least is the travel stress caused by long and uncomfortable transportation, with a terrifically high death rate. The effects of which, on those who do survive can remain hidden and appear long after their arrival, resulting in illness or unnatural behaviour.

So, despite the arguments of the animalism, we guarantee the best animal welfare, respecting biological necessities and natural standards and invite you to do the same.

For first you have to know there are a different type of animals:

  • Animals capture from nature : every expemplary born in nature and not in captivity, usually they are intended export in other countries.
    America, China and Europe are the first destination of illegal (and legal) traffic; but the country of departure are Africa, Soouth America and Asia.
  • Animals born in captivity : are a different type of animals, the fruit of succesfull reproduction in farm; today we breeding in captivity a big quantity of animals species like: reptiles, parrots and anphibians.
    Is the case of ambystoma mexicanum or axolotl, thanks to some people love this unusal salamander the ambystoma species today is not extint.

The passionate people and reptile breeder can reproduce many species but for some animals import from nature is more economic, comfortable and easy.

Wildlife trade: Why people take animals from nature ?

The must common reason is about the price! For reproduce specific animals the cost can be very high and expensive. In the specific case of chelius fimbriata, mata mata turtle, for a succes in reproduction you need a big acquarium, heat water and reproduce the natural enviroment infleunce of light and temperature. For some species is really hard start a breeding in captivity and is more easy for the business take animals directly from nature.

Infact capture animals have a lower price than animals born in captivity.

We can think about Tribolonotus gracilis, parrots and sea fish, every years a lot of this animals are catch and shipped in all the world for the exotic pet businees. But remember buy wild life animals is a choice!

wildlife trade

Wildlife trade: the disadvantages

Wildlife trade of reptile, birds and fish are not a legends, you can found it easy in a common petshop. The real danger is nobody know the real origin of the animals, usaully they are traffiked in a spinneret and the information can be lost or hide voluntarily.

Lukly for biodiversity the passionate of exotic pet know this reality, but for some species the indoor reproducing can’t be possibile, is too hard and to expensive and the price difference can become important.

In the end you should think before buy an exotic animals and reasearch the better animals breeding you can found. Remember is your right to know the animals on sale origin and this time you shouldn’t think to saving money.

The better advice i can give you is don’t buy animals from people can’t guarantee you the origin, usually this people have something to hide.

wildlife trade

Why import wild animals can be dangerous?

Why import wild animals can be dangerous?
The wild life trade are in the middle of big discussion in Europe country; covid 19 gifted a zoonosi’s fear and some people are scared about exotic pet. Animal rights activists extremist rode the wave for make illegal exotic pet like reptiles and birds or exotic pet expo. In my opinion this is redicouls! My gekko is totally on health and it is a reptile, i’m not a doctor but the transfer of a virus from reptile to humans is really hard. Of course is a different thing for exotic mammals.

You shouldn’t buy animals born in nature for many reason like:

Capture animals have a different survival istinct, just think about the fight for life, for survive everyday catching food. For animals born indoor the instinct for survive is uslees because they have you. So is normal if a wild turtle try to bite you everymoments, she hate you! She is scared! And maybe hungry and cofused. Indoor born turtle can try to bite you only for feeding reason. Captivity animals don’t hate you, they understand and know your role like a food dispenser so have animals in captivity are not a cruelty and on future will be able the only mode for conservation the biodiversity. (Animalist you should read again this part)

Import exotic animals the health problem

Another reason you shouldn’t buy imported exotic animals from nature is for the immune system. Wild animals in the first moment of life evolve the immune sytems with specific antybodies thanks to the enviroment influence. But they can be healthy carrier of some specific disease.

So think about your acquarium: you have ten fish born from a fish farmer and you put in acquarium a capture exemplary from nature; last next 2 week every fish die except the new entry.

This carnage can be possibile for reptile, parrot, fish and exotic mammals.

So please ask about the origin of your animals before the purchase!

Wildlife trade: the travel stress

The other reason buy wild animals can be dangerous is because the animals stress caused by the travel; on a long shipment the dead rate can be very hight and the reptiles can hide this healt state for some days.

You could buy an animals that hide the real state of healt, so pls be careful.

TartaGenius we are at the end of the article, if you like this type of
contents leave a comment and follow my mission, must important remember buy wild animals legal is possible in some case; but you shouldn’t do it for common species.

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